Here we list a number of options for involvement and donating to the Merage School Center for Global Leadership & Sustainability. Please see these as suggestions and examples of what might be done. Of course, we are interested in your ideas on how best to support the Center’s activities and programs.

Name the Center for Global Leadership & Sustainability $10 million endowment, plus $1 million start-up operational funding
Endow a faculty chair in International Business $1.5 million endowment

Payment schedules may be made for each of the following sponsorships. The total costs of the programs are listed. An investment of 100% would yield naming rights to the program. For example, if you were to make the $1 million donation to cover five years of the Cuba MBA Peace Corps program, all student recipients of the funding would be obliged to list on their resume, “Recipient of the Jane Smith Fellowship for International Business Studies.” Other rights and participation in the programs are also available for comprehensive investments.

MBA Peace Corps, five-year commitment (Cuba) (read more) $1 million
Undergraduate International Residential, five-year commitment (read more) $1 million
International research support – PhD students (read more) $5,000
International research support – Faculty (read more) $10,000
International Business Speaker Program, 5-year commitment $250,000
Faculty supervised MBA consulting on international ventures $25,000

More information:

John Graham